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"IGNITING" the fire on the inside to help you realize a better, freer life on the outside.




Lotus Riche' Ignites 

Transform Lives

Lotus Riche’ is a highly requested empowerment speaker, life coach, mindset strategist, as well as a media personality and corporate CEO, whose global platform has reached and served 20 million people.  From being raped at age 6 she lived in silence and fear with the nightmare for over 15 years before she broke her silence and freed herself from the bondage of what many would call being the “victim” she turned it into her greatest Victory. 

#1 international best selling author 

keynote speaker

guinness world record holder

empowerment strategist

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Every individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back from reaching their highest potential. As a Life Coach, LOTUS RICHE' IGNITES provides expert advice and impactful motivation to start a new journey towards not only achieving your goals, but exceeding them and connect to people globally.


Rise from the Mud

Don't make Excuses

Creating your business platforms and go from Zero to Hero. My aim is to help people transform and break their negative belief patterns, act more decisively and set clear goals towards achieving what they want from life and upbranding their businesses. You have come to the right place. Ignite and take flight!

My videos are designed to help you deal with tough issues that you are facing in your life and give you strategies and support to get through the tough times. Whether it's moving past fear or lack of self-confidence to start your own business, metaphysics, how to communicate through pain or grief, feeling stuck in your life or dealing with difficult people and situations.


Don’t Miss Out


Let’s Engage!

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